Mobile app strategies

This thesis was prepared by me (William van de Lagemaat) When I was a graduating student at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. This research was conducted during my final internship at StrawberryFrog in Amsterdam, a creative advertising agency dedicated to creating cultural movements for global brands. As I had chosen my subject to be about Branded applications I was assigned to the Pampers team to research possibilities for these branded mobile apps.

Due to the confidential nature of the information relating to the Pampers brand, two versions of this report have been published. The full, internal version includes an inside view and recommendations for Pampers‘ app strategy and was for internal use at my internship company only. The public version on the other hand excludes all confidential information and therefore does not include the in-depth analysis of the Pampers brand and strategy recommendations. It does, however, still provide insight into how branded apps can enhance the brand experience and create value adding apps for your company. After consultation with StrawberryFrog this web version has been made available. Feel free to use the paper for other research or leave any further question/remarks in the comments.

The most relevant parts have been rewritten to be fitting for the web. Below you will find the relating articles:


The full public version of the report can be payed for with a tweet here: