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Site update 5: into a new frontier

As could be already seen in the increase of twitter traffic, Altasia will be making the next step and for this next step a rework of the website was necessary. To my surprise, yeah I knew for a while that the site was looking outdated, but the last big style update was almost 5 years ago, 28 November of 2009 to be precise.  So the time has come to make a change.

Furthermore the me and therefor the site are moving towards a more professional environment. However, due to popular demand,  the old content will still be available in the blog archive.

Things that are new and awesome in this site:

– A devoted landing page that shows off what Altasia could do for you
– Including a cool photo box, round circles and and nice icons
– A nice dynamic blog post overview
– And a look that at least looks from this millennium, with border less design
– A dedicated photobox for blog posts and able to create  dynamic posts

However it is not finished yet and the site will be moving on shortly. For now just have a look around.


It’s Alive!!!


It’s been a while ,almost a year to be honest. That should be a record, however now the time has come to make this website alive again. Alive with a reason this time, so this site is not just gonna be that zombie, but it’s gonna be alive again.

I have made the list of potential new site stories in the making and since I’m planning:

  1. CES most memorable anoucements
  2. Site update nr. 5
  3. The great firewall of China
  4. Social strategy Mearsk
  5. Society 3.0 and the 3rd place
  6. Music in the Sounds of Clouds
  7. Marketing Automation
  8. Portal visions in the PS universe

As can be seen there are some interesting stories to create. Most are fresh new idea’s for post, while others have been slumbering for a while. However this is the moment Igor pulled the switch and It’s gonna be alive in here!! Whahaha!!

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The site is up agian after server migration

After a server migration there has been a downtime of 2 days for the site, but I’m happy to announce that this morning the problem got fixed, with some help of my beloved hosting provider Neostrada, and the site is up and running again. It has also been a while since the last update was made for the site so this is a nice kick off.

Since it is finally becoming spring the Netherlands enjoy the weather today or just nyan on!!XD

Launch of

October seems to become the web development month for me. Last year I designed the new OVEverdingen site and content/implementation plan. The new site of the OVEverdingen has now become more part of the daily communication of the orange comity, which I’m quite happy about that it is working out in the end. This year on the other hand I have been busy on creating a fitting platform for the local Jawa enthusiast group, who will organize an meeting of Jawa enthusiasts from all over Europe next year.  Over the next year I will keep suporting them with digital imput on how the platform shuld be threated. For now, please see after the jump for a photo impression or just visit the site directly via this link.

Website tab

In addition I have also added a ‘Website’ tab in the about me menu button. Here you can see which sites I created and manage. With this Jawa site the number of sites created will be 3(Jawa/OVE/Altasia) and a 4th one probably still coming this year.

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Launch of the new OVE website

As a side project I have been helping the Orange association of my hometown by reforming their website to make it ready for the next millennium. After a few months the new website online. The old website was more or less static which made it difficult to use it as the interactive platform required by today. This is why I suggested using wordpress which makes it more easy to use and at the same time make it more interesting for the end members of the organisation. For this website I did the overall new vision and setup of the site.

This is only the start up so for now it is still very basic but at least an improvement compared the old website. Later it will become more clear what would still be needed, but for now me and the committee are quite satisfied with the result. Now it is wait and see now it is recieved by the public.

You can visit the website via this link.