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The end of Whatsapp and the potential alternatives


It must be hard working at Facebook, you finally got to a point in your career that you are working at one of the biggest hip new names in technology. However every time you and your colleges invent something new and ‘awsome’ it is hated on by everybody and you seem to be the cause of frustration all around you. In the beginning I believed this was a phase of Facebook, but with the recent  hated Facebook-film and further alteration of main features like search and messages to an almost unworkable mess. It can at least be said that Facebook is on more than just an unlucky streak.

Facebook has given us a perfect example of totally misunderstanding the market in combination with an amazing piece of mismanagement. Their latest move, and probably/hopefully masterpiece in mismanagement,  has been to buy Whatsapp for a mind boggling 15 billion Dollars. Not that the price is anywhere close to a real number since any acquisition above the 100 Million bar is hard to comprehend, let alone if such a deal is in almost only intangible goods such as concepts, users, code and goodwill.

This being said, it is understandable Facebook would make such a move. Facebook, as being the first true social network, has by now proven to be more interested in the way we communicate and having multiple assets to serve this need. This is the same reason why Facebook bought Istagram and this is why they bought Whatsapp. Istagram introduced a way of communicate via pictures in a mobile app whereas Whatsapp changed the way we communicated mobile with each other, one-on-on as well as ongoing groups of friends, colleges chatting away.

The way Facebook wants to be leading in the evolution of human communication is both impressive as it is scary. For this exact same reason this latest acquisition could end up biting Facebook in the ass. Whatsapp is aimed to be private talking along people and friends, the model was kept believable by saying you needed to pay a dollar or some cent to use it, but until now the app never got blocked since they were still growing the market. Now that Facebook has joined the table a noticeable amount of people has started looking and thinking about alternatives. The reason for this is that Facebook tends to see consumer data as their way to make money and therefore people are getting worried about the privacy that Whatsapp will offer to them.  

Alternatives for Watsapp

Since that notorious Thursday a people became aware and started looking for alternative of Whatsapp. There are old timers like BBM, Skype, Viber and eBuddy getting a new review, as well as a bunch of Asian favorites like WeChat, Line and Kakao. But also relatively new players such as Telegraph, Kik and Hike are passing the review, with parties as heml.is and kim.com still need to make it to the market with their app. All in all there is a lot to chose so lets make a list with some of the most prominent rivals and why others won’t be that interesting in the instant messaging space.

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App-sunday: Panasonic VIERA AR Setup Simulator

This week I want to shares a great example of a useful branded app that I came across recently. As can be seen from the promotional video, the app gives you the possibility to see how a new Panasonic flat screen would look in your living room using augmented reality.

Unfortunately this app is only available for Ios at the moment, so I have not been able to test if it is working properly, but the idea looks promising. The app gives the opportunity to see the product in your own living room before you purchase it and give you a better indication what size fits your living room. All in all it seems like a solid promotion of Panasonic TV line via an app that hopefully will be supported for the next few years, be improved and become part of the standard promotion channel of Panasonic TV devision.
The app can for now be downloaded for the Itunes store or hit the jump to see thee positive reviews.

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App-sunday: Wifi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer detects and displays the information of all wireless networks around you. Its set of visualization and analysis tools can help you to quickly identify channel conflicts, overlapping and other factors that may be affecting the performance of your wireless network in homes, offices and other sites.

I’ve been pointed on this tool a few weeks back and it has been quite useful to get an impression on what networks are available and there potential strength. If you also see function for it, you can find the app in the android and Iphone market.

The 4 I’s of app quality: Defining app quality for useful apps

I’ve been rewriting parts from my report for a while now, to see the full report please go to this part of the website. These 4 I’s will help you in defining the quality of your app. in consideration you will be able  , in consideration you can easelthis model

Defining app quality for useful apps

The definition of quality in this report derives from Juran’s (1993) “fitness for intended use”.  This definition basically says that quality is meeting or exceeding customer expectations. In addition, Deming (1982) states that the customer’s definition of quality is the only one that matters. At this time, there are no definitive guidelines for assessing the quality of apps. The following model employs four factors defined by the Sound (2010) concerning how well an app fits consumer needs and expectations. For this research, the model is integrated differently and further expanded with horizontal and vertical axes. This model attempts to explain how consumers perceive apps and why they are attracted to them. Apps are classified in terms of interest and quality of design. Quality of design (vertical axis) refers to aspects needed on a functional level, while the horizontal axis refers to the content offered and how it inspires and informs the consumer. The model grasps the most important factors influencing perceived quality of a useful app. Please note that this model requires further verification and testing. Also, the factors are identified for the useful category of apps, the other two categories (entertaining and product enhancing) will have somewhat different definitions of what quality is.

Quality of design (X ax)

The 4 I’s of app quality

The 4 I’s of app quality

  • Intuitive: Easy to operate and logically designed. Create apps that make sense on where things are located and contain all expected information.  It is preferred to be exceptional in design, but always keep the interface simple and straight forward.
  • Interactive: Make the user more involved in a personal way by the using elements that these new media app devices offer i.e. touch input, GPS, accelerometer, camera or gyroscope. This can be referred to as the Wow-effect of using these new technologies. Furthermore the ability to easily share their experience is important.

Interesting (Y ax)

  • Inspirational: Move the user to try new things offer new possibilities. Be able to personalize and create a more fitting experience for the user.
  • Informative: Provide the user with new information and keep new information coming into the application to keep it interesting over time.