The vuvuzela app story

To continue in sharing some of the apps and their story that, in my view, are inspiring enough to share. I came across a presentation held at Momo about a month ago. This presentation is an inspiring case about how you can succeed in the app market with a simple idea. They really hit the nail how to approach the new market and create a buzz around their app. The thing that stands out the most is that this app reached over 6 million people and counting till this day. The presentation is short and in rusty English but it covers allot of interesting points.
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The future of Mobile UI

Today I want to show a glimpse in the future of where mobile and technology is taking us in the next few years. The video above is by a company called TAT(The astonishing Tribe). This company is a software innovation company focused on mobile platforms. The video above is more of a showcase what they want to be able to do by 2014. It’s an interesting look but more dreaming than actually happening, but it gives a good impression about the vision of the company is.

What got my attention was an interview with this developer about there upcoming innovations. They first show some widgets for android phones that switch between ,the now standard, 2d environment to a 3d one. This is something I did not see before and make me see new potential. Then they carry on by showing what they did with the accelerometer(the part that makes the phone aware of how you are holding it) and how this accelerometer can be used to do something useful for the overall experience. Overall an interesting look into the future of UI’s on mobile devices.

The new Rules: David Meerman Scott

Before I even started thinking about what my graduation I was already interested enough in the topic of new media that I read a book by David Meerman Scott about it. The book was titled The new rules to Marketing and PR in this book he tries to explain that companies need to forget what they have learned and should be more open in their communication and what tools are available to do so.

I’ve put three video’s(one here two after the jump) of Mr Meerman to give you a better idea of his point of view.

How to generate attention for your business from David Meerman Scott on Vimeo.

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Mobile aplication examples

The final year of my study has begun so now I have begun orientating for my graduation project. Due to my interest in new media and technology and how this will evolve. I have chosen that my main focus will be on how to market successfully for brands in these new environments. As a first focus I am looking into mobile-applications (android/Iphone) that combine useful tools together with creating a stronger brand. As I have to put togeter the information anyhow it seemed like a small effort to share it over my blog my progress.


Lucky for me I’m not the first to think about applications and brand integration and there are already some interesting things out there at this moment. My expectation is that this will only get bigger, better and more important over time. The most professional example at the moment I came across is Nike+. Nike+ is a line of shoes which integrate your music device (Ipod/Iphone) with your shoes to track how you are preforming but most importantly gives you an overall better running experience.

The Nivea sun app

Another great example which started my interest in the possibilities of ‘mobile app advertising’ was an app launched by Nivea. I never used the app myself but from the video you can see how this app can be useful for you as a consumer. It looks a bit more rusty but next summer there should be an updated version which will make it easier to use and it will also have a better momentum.

Redbull BPM

These idea’s have been here for a while but today I came across another good example of what the possibilities are from redbull on partyflock. It’s about the launch of a new app for I-pod/pad/phone which let’s you mix records together. As it not out yet there is not much to say about it but this is just another great example how to create something useful for your costumers and at the same time create a good advertising.

These are only a few examples to get an idea of what is possible but my intrest is more in what is still possible and yet too come.