Chinese cities in pixels-awesomeness

Today is the official day of awesomeness, so I wanted to share something, I think, is quite awesome. I came across this like a week ago and it has most Chinese cities in detailed pixelated 3d images. This project is from Baidu done as an alternative to Google and bing maps. They have allready made most Chinese cities into these pixelated 3d maps as can be seen above form Guangzhou. It’s quite nice to browse over the map and see the simcity like graphical wonders. This is especially true if you have spent a long time in such a city like I did.

The link is:

Since most cannot read Chinese I made a step by step walktrough to get to the 3D Pixel viewer. Just hit the jump to see how to end up there. Also in the end I’ve posted some comparison pictures with photo’s I took during my stay in Guangzhou.

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Dutch whining in print

Ever since I can remember I have been impressed by the drawings of Peter van Straaten(Peter from the streets). His work is on depressing matters but with a melodramatic tone. It just shows us how sad everything can be but in a funny way. At least that is what I think and most Dutch do too. I wonder if people form other cultures are also able to understand this type of whining humor. As we Dutch think we are the masters in the field of whining and the related humor in that.
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