Introduction graduation assignment: Portal Visions

There is a shift going on in how advertising reaches consumers and how it is interpreted. Consumers are becoming more selective and in control of what messages receive them. The changing possibilities and availability of internet have been the key factors in this change. To underbuilt these statements think about how smartphones and mobile internet in combination with social media like Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook have change your consumer behavior.
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Watching South park Online

I’ve always been a fan of Southpark. When it first aired it was something like never before. The way it’s drawn, the topics like always killing Kenny, beefcakes, Crab people, just total awesomeness. As with most things I kind of lost track of it in the last 4~5 years.

But now I found a new great way to watch the episodes via: Here you can watch all the episodes online for free and without any annoying commercials. They are even on track till the latest releases made. If you want a good impression about the show just watch this one it’s about why the Japanese kill all the dolphins and whales.

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Today on dumpert was a movie about the internet phenomenon Chatroulette. I found it quite amusing to see his view on the computer program. During the carnival my friend Max also introduced me the program. It’s interesting to see what happens but it is not something I have interest in to do again, at least not alone. Most funny thing was than also that we where with five people and that in the end we convinced Max to wear his carnivals’ Ice bear suit.