Say no DJmag top100 alternative

Altasia’s Top DJ overview 2012

One of my key passions has been electronic music for a long time. Until now it has been about 10 years of going into the clubs to see these great artists of the night. For the fist time however I visited the DJmag dance awards during the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) this year. Normally this is an event I tend to ignore, but I was shocked by the list of DJ names that came out for 2012. Of course this is a popularity vote and not every style or DJ gets the same fan voting support. This is however such an unbalanced list that I decided to go over my own favorites for 2012.

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The freedom on copyrighted content

This video is by Lawrence Lessig who is trying to give an better insight on how ridiculous regulations on copyrighted materials are. This topic is quite striking cause it is almost safe to assume that at least 95% of Internet users are breaking these copyright laws. As an example he points out that in the time of the first airplanes the law was more or less the same and airplanes where seen as tress passers when flying over someones property. I remember of seeing a same type of discussion on the engadget show about the resistance of radio in the beginning from the music industry.
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New radio music

I listen quite some radio, at least when I’m in the Netherlands. In China it is understandable you don’t listen to the radio that much but due to this you will miss all the new and interesting music. So just like last year it lifts me up when I get in my car and turn on the radio and that you will hear good, old and new ,music. This somehow creates an extra bond with the tracks that are ‘hot’ at that moment. Last year it was ‘day and night‘ by Kid cudi. This year I have it with this track from ,a Dutch artist, Caro Emerald. Hope you like it.
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Mininova is niet meer

Mininova is niet meer :'(
Een van de grootste torrent websites is zo goed als down. De Nederlandse trots Mininova heeft de strijd voor vrij beschikbare media verloren tegen Brein. Vanaf nu is er dus alleen nog maar content te vinden die al gratis gedistribueerd wil worden via Mininova. Iets wat niemand dus een reet kan interesseren.
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Decibel Outdoor 2009

Decibel outdoor 2009
Vorig jaar kon ik nog net het festival meepikken voordat ik vertrok richting China. Dit jaar ging het helaas niet maar kreeg ik de cd nog wel te pakken via de goeie vrienden van mininova. Vorig jaar heb ik veel naar de compilatie van Decibel 2008 geluisterd om toch nog zo afentoe een shotje hardstyle binnen te krijgen. Waarmee het toen uitgroede tot een van de betere CD’s die ik de laaste tijd geluisterd heb. Omdat ik deze blog heb om alles te melden wat me bezig houd heb ik daarom een kort reviewtje geschreven van De decibel compilatie van 2009.
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