The freedom on copyrighted content

This video is by Lawrence Lessig who is trying to give an better insight on how ridiculous regulations on copyrighted materials are. This topic is quite striking cause it is almost safe to assume that at least 95% of Internet users are breaking these copyright laws. As an example he points out that in the time of the first airplanes the law was more or less the same and airplanes where seen as tress passers when flying over someones property. I remember of seeing a same type of discussion on the engadget show about the resistance of radio in the beginning from the music industry.
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Online game for Good friday

Today it is good Friday, so a good time to start blogging again. I found a little game which is totally in line with this christian holiday called: run Jesus run. The game is a special project and only takes 10 seconds in total. Just check it out via the link. enjoy 😉