Happy chinese new year!

happy chinese new yearFor everybody: it’s gonna be a good year, an energetic year, a year of fast movement full and excitement. That’s what it stands for if we start looking a east. As you might have noticed, or seen from the photo, we are now in the year of the horse. A noble creature full of power and love. So lets forget the suffocating year of the snake(2013-2014) and go go my lovely horse!!

Something most people don’t know is that the Chinese animal zodiac is always accommodated by one of the five elements(water, fire, wood, metal or earth) . This year will be the one of wood and in combination with the fiery nature of the horse will make it all extra intense, since fire incombination with wood will make it burn more(the logic is facinating).

Now let’s see what this year will bring and for now all the best in the year of the horse.

horse2         horse



Say no DJmag top100 alternative

Altasia’s Top DJ overview 2012

One of my key passions has been electronic music for a long time. Until now it has been about 10 years of going into the clubs to see these great artists of the night. For the fist time however I visited the DJmag dance awards during the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) this year. Normally this is an event I tend to ignore, but I was shocked by the list of DJ names that came out for 2012. Of course this is a popularity vote and not every style or DJ gets the same fan voting support. This is however such an unbalanced list that I decided to go over my own favorites for 2012.

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A first look at the MS surface 2.0

The surface 2.0(SUR40) was announced already back at the CES of 2011 and it does not happen often that such an exciting new technology stays under my radar, therefore I want to make it up by dedicating a blog post to it.

It is practically the same product as before only upgraded to this day and age. Full specs can be found here, but the most important upgrade is that the SUR40 now has a 40 inch flat screen that is just over 10 cm thick. Besides this mayor change MS has given the hardware boost and included windows 7. Furthermore it should be mentioned that the price point is expected to go down to $7,600,-. This price point is still a bit to high for home use, but the SUR40 has definitly become more intresting for the business that try to deliver special and unique experiences to their costumers or clients.

With this new surface, and the growing acceptance of touch interfaces, this product seems to be ready to be used on a more wider range. If this post has gotten your attention then please hit the jump to see a video selection I have made on this amazing new product.
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Marco Simoncelli

Marco Simoncelli Tribute

Yesterday Marco Simoncelli died during a crash in the second lap of the Malaysian GP in Sepang. As a long time follower of the MotoGP I am deeply moved by his fatal crash and with this post I want to show my respects to him. Simoncelli was a unique talent with an unseen aggressive driving style that forced you to the tip of your seat. He always pushed the battle on the track to the max, but also stayed his happy and flamboyant self after the finish line. It is charismatic persona’s like Simoncelli that made MotoGP into the great sport it is today. With his kind of talent and passion there should have have been so many more years. Unfortunately we will never see him on the starting grid again.

Passing away at just 24 years old is unfair, especially with such a bright future still a head of him.  My condolence go out to his family and the ones close to him.