Let’s revamp, restart

Ok it’s official, I will start blogging again on This time to build up a portfolio of interesting developments and trends to benefit my search for a proper position. Furthermore I will look into so of my own experiences in electronic dance music on Fridays. Additionally over the weekend I want to go down memory lane and look at some of the trips I have been, starting off with the Amsterdam Dakar Rally. While looking at the schedule there should be 2 to 4 post published each week with a 50/50 mixture of private and business.

For now there a a few things in the pipeline ranging from business solutions how Internal Social networks can benefit  international small and medium enterprises to my personal pick of the best DJ’s of the world. Another thing that has been on my radar is the gaining momentum of Chinese brands actively moving more globally, but are yet seem to miss the proper development strategy in Europe.

Anyhow enough for now, see you all on Friday.

Being back in the Netherlands

As most of you know I’d return to the Netherlands Last week. As I promised I will/try, to continue my blog only this time there will be 2 mayor differences. Firstly ,as you can see is that the language changed from Dutch to English and secondly that the topic is changing from being about living abroad in Guangzhou to just Living in Holland. The first one will have some info about my flight back and my encounter at the dutch customs. So click more to read the first post in English.
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