Great documentary on the rise of the 3D printing industry

A great documentary and must watch if interested in upcoming technology and rapid developing new industries. To see more on 3d printing follow my Altivate account on twitter or read my daily curated paper.li on 3D Printing; The 3Dprinting Daily.

Text on Netflix:
Print the Legend, the newest Netflix Original Documentary, is a story of innovation and technology, of controversy and change. For the first time in history, the building of an industry and its inevitable social upheaval has been filmed. The result is Print the Legend, a documentary which chronicles the race to bring 3D printing to the forefront of society. It’s a compelling look at an industry in the midst of its “Macintosh Moment,” chronicling the infinite and unlimited potential of 3D printing… as well as the dark possibilities that could lie underneath. Continue reading

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Introducing the Newswire

Unfortunately there are always more ideas and new interesting information coming at me than that I can create into blog post. As most of you know, a blog post takes quite some time to create from scratch and time is always scarce. What also does not seem to help is that I’m Dyslectic which seems to make writing not one of my best developed skills.

In the beginning I thought that by creating the Altasia network it would be enough to keep track of this storage of information, however the quick changing nature of these channels makes it even for me difficult to keep track on sources I want to use and save.

altasia newswire 3Therefore I am now launching the Newswire at Altasia.nl. At this news wire you will find news, video’s and other interesting pieces of information that I think are worth archiving. Please note that none of this content will be my own, therefor I will always include the appropriate linking to the original source. I am not trying to steal traffic or something from other sites and would like you to note that Altasia.nl does not include any advertising. The idea is to be able to find back the piece of content I was looking for more easily.

This being said if you do not agree with your content being reposted here please contact me directly via this form.

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Altasia on drones blog series

Altasia copter new 2015 logoSince I started following the drone market, more or less a year ago, it has proven to be one of the most interesting upcoming industries. The technology is here now and in a short time the overall attention, number of manufacturers and investment in drones has skyrocketed.

To cover this upcoming market I have created my Altasia on Drones twitter profile to have my own digital crunch on the drone industry. After a time of merely Twitter and Paper.li activity Altasia on drones will now become more insightful with the creation of a series of blogs with my own unique analysis on this industry.

These series will start off with listing three interesting commercial drone manufactures which I will likely be dominant parties within the industry for long times to come. Followed by blogs on top listings of Chinese, Kickstarter and agriculture/professional drones. The first blog post will be published next month with more similar posts to follow in the months after that.

Latest tweets by Altasia on Drones


The need for your own digital crunch

The world used to be fairly simple, you would do your work and later you would read all about it in your local newspaper. However, since the internet the amount of data accessible has exploded and has kept increasing at an exponential rate. So much even that if you wanted to read the whole internet of today it would take you about 57,000 years of non stop reading. Be that as it may, this is not taking into account that there is still more data being created and the internet is not stopping only accelerating. It is even estimated that by 2020 we will create 44 times more information as that we did back in 2009.

Within all this data there are definitely things created that you want to be aware of, from an opinion about or expand your knowledge on. The only thing is how do you find them and when you find them how do you stay aware of their latest developments. What I’ve started doing is creating my own digital crunch on subjects that matter to me. The list of active accounts is still growing, but two good examples are Alt_EDM(on Electronic Dance Music) and Alt_Copter(on Drones). At these twitter accounts I started following relevant sources in that industry, for instance dedicated news channels on the subject or industry specialists (in these two examples DJ’s and Drone manufacturers). These accounts are listed in logical twitter groups and these group, together with hashtags, create daily news overviews with Paper.li.

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By doing so, you get a comprehensive overview of relevant information that otherwise might be missed. Besides being relevant to yourself these daily papers are also tweeted automatically with hashtags and mentions to some of the people who are in the edition of that day. The power is that good content that  already has been created gets additional possibilities to be found by somebody who could find it valuable as well.  The additional beauty is in the fact that these papers are set up to have a preferred place for the account itself or other accounts within the Altasia network. Furthermore additional information is fed into the account by buffered posts or in advanced scheduled curated posts.

At this moment these channels are far from perfect and there are still points in need of improvement. For instance the paper archive is not easy searchable and reposting valuable content takes a lot of time. However I believe that in time these type of channels will become more and more valuable sources of finding information and building relevant networks, if not for me than maybe for others. All in all I hope this post has given you a better understanding on what I’m doing and how it is possible to benefit from the ever expanding flow of information. For further questions feel free to comment or contact me via the social media @willyathonie.


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Remember remember the 5th of November

Remember remember the 5th of November

As could already been seen on the latest site update Altasia is moving into a more professional entity. For this there needs to be a date to be remembered and that is going to be today, the 5th of November. To be granted this is by no means the date of official registration of a company , however this is the date the mindset has been changed. From now on Altasia is moving in the direction to be a digital partner for other businesses, helping them thrive in this fast changing online environment.

Key focus of Altasia:



Altasia helps small and medium enterprises in the development of their digital strategy. This is achieved by giving inspirational presentations, consulting sessions and setting up workflows in these new digital environments. All of these efforts create a better understanding, resulting in a more successful online business. Furthermore, Altasia creates in depth analysis of markets and industries both on- as offline.

Social Media

Helps you understand, develop and implement your Social Media successfully.

Digital Marketing

Consults on set up, analysis and improvement of your online presence and advertising capabilities.

Research & Market Analysis

Creates in depth analysis on the conversation around you, your industry and competitors.

Remember Remember