App-sunday: dropbox

To start off this new series I want to look into some interesting apps in the next few weeks. As the kick off here is Dropbox. Dropbox is a program that lets you replace your USB sick with online storage. A movie says more than a million words, so check out the videos!!

The service is free for the first 3 GB, which should be enhough for most of us.  You can download the full desktop version here and I also added a full demo after the jump.

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Types of value adding branded apps

Before I start looking at what I think should have the focus now I want to look back at one last part of my thesis. In my thesis I defined a model to categorize ‘branded’ apps. The reason that I did this was to create a bit of understanding that not every app is build for the same purpose.  Please that Branded apps are, in this article, seen as a new addition to brands communication strategies that will create more brand value by enhancing the brand experience. more on this in the rationale of my thesis.

Types of value adding apps

Mashable reviewed 13 branded apps which they deemed successful. In this review, three categories were defined: useful, entertaining and product enhancing. Mashable’s categorization was, for this article, analyzed, discussed and improved to create a more fitting definition. These definitions are far from perfect and more categories could be added. However, this is a suitable way to define the different types of branded apps currently available.

Useful apps offer a useful tool or source of information to make life more convenient. For example, all the apps referenced in the data collection section of this paper, would be considered useful apps.Entertaining apps offer a game-like experience (active) or provide content to read or watch (passive). For example, see the Audi A4 app.

Product-enhancing apps offer additional content to use alongside the product, thereby enhancing it. For example, see the Nike+ app.

Each category offers opportunities and should be considered in the process of creating an app strategy. The framework for how these apps can be successful will differ greatly. Entertaining apps would need an approach closely related to the development of gaming. Useful and product-enhancing apps are more similar in approach, with product-enhancing apps requiring a closer link to the product and its features.  Due to the fact that useful apps where the most logical decision for the client the thesis was written for an additional model was created for defining the quality in useful apps.

Situational analysis of the Mobile environment

This situational analysis aims to give an insight in what the current situation of apps usage is and what the future impact will be of apps. First an overview is given of the growth that is expected for the Smartphone market, since this is the largest app platform. In addition to Smartphones there are other devices that make use of these apps. The most upcoming platform for these is Tablets, but there are more devices that are becoming app based. The second part of the situational analysis will take a closer look at the apps itself and a definition will be given on what consumers expect from apps and in particular branded apps. Please note that this market is changing at a very high pace which makes it hard to quantify. Therefore information obtained today could be out of date the next week. This being said remind that is was written in the beginning of 2011 for my graduation assignment, which was published on June 2011. The information however should give a good insight in the possibilities of the mobile environment of these apps. Continue reading