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Introducing the Newswire

Unfortunately there are always more ideas and new interesting information coming at me than that I can create into blog post. As most of you know, a blog post takes quite some time to create from scratch and time is always scarce. What also does not seem to help is that I’m Dyslectic which seems to make writing not one of my best developed skills.

In the beginning I thought that by creating the Altasia network it would be enough to keep track of this storage of information, however the quick changing nature of these channels makes it even for me difficult to keep track on sources I want to use and save.

altasia newswire 3Therefore I am now launching the Newswire at At this news wire you will find news, video’s and other interesting pieces of information that I think are worth archiving. Please note that none of this content will be my own, therefor I will always include the appropriate linking to the original source. I am not trying to steal traffic or something from other sites and would like you to note that does not include any advertising. The idea is to be able to find back the piece of content I was looking for more easily.

This being said if you do not agree with your content being reposted here please contact me directly via this form.

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