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Altasia copter new 2015 logoSince I started following the drone market, more or less a year ago, it has proven to be one of the most interesting upcoming industries. The technology is here now and in a short time the overall attention, number of manufacturers and investment in drones has skyrocketed.

To cover this upcoming market I have created my Altasia on Drones twitter profile to have my own digital crunch on the drone industry. After a time of merely Twitter and activity Altasia on drones will now become more insightful with the creation of a series of blogs with my own unique analysis on this industry.

These series will start off with listing three interesting commercial drone manufactures which I will likely be dominant parties within the industry for long times to come. Followed by blogs on top listings of Chinese, Kickstarter and agriculture/professional drones. The first blog post will be published next month with more similar posts to follow in the months after that.

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