Remember remember the 5th of November

Remember remember the 5th of November

As could already been seen on the latest site update Altasia is moving into a more professional entity. For this there needs to be a date to be remembered and that is going to be today, the 5th of November. To be granted this is by no means the date of official registration of a company , however this is the date the mindset has been changed. From now on Altasia is moving in the direction to be a digital partner for other businesses, helping them thrive in this fast changing online environment.

Key focus of Altasia:



Altasia helps small and medium enterprises in the development of their digital strategy. This is achieved by giving inspirational presentations, consulting sessions and setting up workflows in these new digital environments. All of these efforts create a better understanding, resulting in a more successful online business. Furthermore, Altasia creates in depth analysis of markets and industries both on- as offline.

Social Media

Helps you understand, develop and implement your Social Media successfully.

Digital Marketing

Consults on set up, analysis and improvement of your online presence and advertising capabilities.

Research & Market Analysis

Creates in depth analysis on the conversation around you, your industry and competitors.

Remember Remember

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