It’s Alive!!!


It’s been a while ,almost a year to be honest. That should be a record, however now the time has come to make this website alive again. Alive with a reason this time, so this site is not just gonna be that zombie, but it’s gonna be alive again.

I have made the list of potential new site stories in the making and since I’m planning:

  1. CES most memorable anoucements
  2. Site update nr. 5
  3. The great firewall of China
  4. Social strategy Mearsk
  5. Society 3.0 and the 3rd place
  6. Music in the Sounds of Clouds
  7. Marketing Automation
  8. Portal visions in the PS universe

As can be seen there are some interesting stories to create. Most are fresh new idea’s for post, while others have been slumbering for a while. However this is the moment Igor pulled the switch and It’s gonna be alive in here!! Whahaha!!

Young Frankenstein 3


Yes the site is back

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