App-sunday: Panasonic VIERA AR Setup Simulator

This week I want to shares a great example of a useful branded app that I came across recently. As can be seen from the promotional video, the app gives you the possibility to see how a new Panasonic flat screen would look in your living room using augmented reality.

Unfortunately this app is only available for Ios at the moment, so I have not been able to test if it is working properly, but the idea looks promising. The app gives the opportunity to see the product in your own living room before you purchase it and give you a better indication what size fits your living room. All in all it seems like a solid promotion of Panasonic TV line via an app that hopefully will be supported for the next few years, be improved and become part of the standard promotion channel of Panasonic TV devision.
The app can for now be downloaded for the Itunes store or hit the jump to see thee positive reviews.


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