A first look at the MS surface 2.0

The surface 2.0(SUR40) was announced already back at the CES of 2011 and it does not happen often that such an exciting new technology stays under my radar, therefore I want to make it up by dedicating a blog post to it.

It is practically the same product as before only upgraded to this day and age. Full specs can be found here, but the most important upgrade is that the SUR40 now has a 40 inch flat screen that is just over 10 cm thick. Besides this mayor change MS has given the hardware boost and included windows 7. Furthermore it should be mentioned that the price point is expected to go down to $7,600,-. This price point is still a bit to high for home use, but the SUR40 has definitly become more intresting for the business that try to deliver special and unique experiences to their costumers or clients.

With this new surface, and the growing acceptance of touch interfaces, this product seems to be ready to be used on a more wider range. If this post has gotten your attention then please hit the jump to see a video selection I have made on this amazing new product.

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