The 4 I’s of app quality: Defining app quality for useful apps

I’ve been rewriting parts from my report for a while now, to see the full report please go to this part of the website. These 4 I’s will help you in defining the quality of your app. in consideration you will be able  , in consideration you can easelthis model

Defining app quality for useful apps

The definition of quality in this report derives from Juran’s (1993) “fitness for intended use”.  This definition basically says that quality is meeting or exceeding customer expectations. In addition, Deming (1982) states that the customer’s definition of quality is the only one that matters. At this time, there are no definitive guidelines for assessing the quality of apps. The following model employs four factors defined by the Sound (2010) concerning how well an app fits consumer needs and expectations. For this research, the model is integrated differently and further expanded with horizontal and vertical axes. This model attempts to explain how consumers perceive apps and why they are attracted to them. Apps are classified in terms of interest and quality of design. Quality of design (vertical axis) refers to aspects needed on a functional level, while the horizontal axis refers to the content offered and how it inspires and informs the consumer. The model grasps the most important factors influencing perceived quality of a useful app. Please note that this model requires further verification and testing. Also, the factors are identified for the useful category of apps, the other two categories (entertaining and product enhancing) will have somewhat different definitions of what quality is.

Quality of design (X ax)

The 4 I’s of app quality

The 4 I’s of app quality

  • Intuitive: Easy to operate and logically designed. Create apps that make sense on where things are located and contain all expected information.  It is preferred to be exceptional in design, but always keep the interface simple and straight forward.
  • Interactive: Make the user more involved in a personal way by the using elements that these new media app devices offer i.e. touch input, GPS, accelerometer, camera or gyroscope. This can be referred to as the Wow-effect of using these new technologies. Furthermore the ability to easily share their experience is important.

Interesting (Y ax)

  • Inspirational: Move the user to try new things offer new possibilities. Be able to personalize and create a more fitting experience for the user.
  • Informative: Provide the user with new information and keep new information coming into the application to keep it interesting over time.

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