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Ok it’s time to begin waking up from my slumber. Its been amazing to see time fly with nothing on your back, but since I will be starting my new job in less than 2 weeks now I need to start focusing again. The total job description is until now undefined, but it will be at the IT-firm Capgemini as Consult and will have to do with new technological developments, ‘international’ business and  Marketing/advertising.

In these upcoming weeks I will spent some time on my blog going more into detail about some topics I found interesting or in the need for detailed analysis, explain the function of apps better, do some future platform forecasting and explain a bit better in a nutshell what my qualities are.

Even though I have not really written anything lately I have been busy doing:

  • Some looking into the potentials of Salesforce.com
  • Which now includes Radian6; a tool I needed ~8 months ago
  • Looked into how IT-outsourcing should  look in the future
  • Have fallen in love with Tumblr as a photo blog: altasia.tumblr.com/
  • Seen a discussion evolve that apps might not be the holy grail of 2011 that some people thought, but please keep believing it will be. Apps are here to stay.
  • How the topic seem to shift to Social enterprises and the importance of them. A topic which first got my attention with P2 for WordPress as a sulution in the further development of the intranet and later blow me away with social monitering in getsatisfaction, but now Chatter/Salesforce might get the claim trying to make the whole organisation social. Anyhow a topic in the need for further explanation and researched.
  • Android has started overrunning the smartphone market and has started to show up in more and more places which is starting to show the strength in this approach by Google. It’s always nice to see that this is happening, since I made already some analysis about this some time ago (link). This however could need an update.
  • The Q4 price drops in the tablet market(I’m starting to see 90 Euro tablets and Amazon just launched their first true tablet as well) has finally started to make it into an interesting market  after being in slumber for such a long time.
  • Realized that the field of in home centralized devices will become hot and happening within the next 2 years and probably the next big battlefield of the big tech companies Apple, Google, MS, Samsung, Sony etc.
  • Windows 8 could potentially be the change which MS needed to make to survive, does anyone have a clear road map of this development?
  • Could Instagram become the advertisers dream?

So that the lists up for now, please hit the jump to see some facts on my site performance over the past year.

Random analyses and strange facts on site Visiting rates:

  • Visitors have gone down allot since I stoped posting
  • However Peter van Straaten post seem to stay popular
  • Also the site has been a constant hit over the last month in Moldavia
  • Making it the 4th country in visits behind the normal top 3 in 2011 of NL, BE and US
  • In this year Chinese visitors has plummeted from 2nd in total amount visits to a mediocre 10th place.
  • Yet my Chinese readers spent most time on the site.
  • The nr. 11 Russia on the list spends about 10 times as much time as the Chinese Visitors, So привет России!!
  • In the last year of the amount of visits on a cities were almost all Dutch besides one from the south of Brazil
  • The top 3 cities is Amsterdam, Nieuwegein and Utrecht

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