Marco Simoncelli

Marco Simoncelli Tribute

Yesterday Marco Simoncelli died during a crash in the second lap of the Malaysian GP in Sepang. As a long time follower of the MotoGP I am deeply moved by his fatal crash and with this post I want to show my respects to him. Simoncelli was a unique talent with an unseen aggressive driving style that forced you to the tip of your seat. He always pushed the battle on the track to the max, but also stayed his happy and flamboyant self after the finish line. It is charismatic persona’s like Simoncelli that made MotoGP into the great sport it is today. With his kind of talent and passion there should have have been so many more years. Unfortunately we will never see him on the starting grid again.

Passing away at just 24 years old is unfair, especially with such a bright future still a head of him.  My condolence go out to his family and the ones close to him.

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