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October seems to become the web development month for me. Last year I designed the new OVEverdingen site and content/implementation plan. The new site of the OVEverdingen has now become more part of the daily communication of the orange comity, which I’m quite happy about that it is working out in the end. This year on the other hand I have been busy on creating a fitting platform for the local Jawa enthusiast group, who will organize an meeting of Jawa enthusiasts from all over Europe next year.  Over the next year I will keep suporting them with digital imput on how the platform shuld be threated. For now, please see after the jump for a photo impression or just visit the site directly via this link.

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In addition I have also added a ‘Website’ tab in the about me menu button. Here you can see which sites I created and manage. With this Jawa site the number of sites created will be 3(Jawa/OVE/Altasia) and a 4th one probably still coming this year.

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