Update after 16 weeks of Silence

Just like the late techno legend(see pica) before me I also put in a few weeks silence. I postponed the 10 planed weeks to 16 in total to be exact, but we’re back with an update. First things first; I did get an internship!! and have been ‘working ‘ at strawberry frog in Amsterdam for about a month now. Here I will work further on my research about what leads to successful branded applications. For now, posting about what I at do Strawberryfrog has a lot of unwritten rules and for now it is unclear what I can and cannot post about, so posting will still be limited.

There where only a few articles that I made before my internship that I am editing to be posted here. Some might be a bit out of date but I think they are still worth posting. Also last weekend was the official kick off for Carnival in Breda called klunen. There are some picture floating around Facebook, but for the official carnival I will try to upload an impression just like I did last year.

For now there will be 2 formal updates this week and after that we’ll see.
(alles ondervoorbehoud natturlijk ;-))

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