The future of Mobile UI

Today I want to show a glimpse in the future of where mobile and technology is taking us in the next few years. The video above is by a company called TAT(The astonishing Tribe). This company is a software innovation company focused on mobile platforms. The video above is more of a showcase what they want to be able to do by 2014. It’s an interesting look but more dreaming than actually happening, but it gives a good impression about the vision of the company is.

What got my attention was an interview with this developer about there upcoming innovations. They first show some widgets for android phones that switch between ,the now standard, 2d environment to a 3d one. This is something I did not see before and make me see new potential. Then they carry on by showing what they did with the accelerometer(the part that makes the phone aware of how you are holding it) and how this accelerometer can be used to do something useful for the overall experience. Overall an interesting look into the future of UI’s on mobile devices.

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