The freedom on copyrighted content

This video is by Lawrence Lessig who is trying to give an better insight on how ridiculous regulations on copyrighted materials are. This topic is quite striking cause it is almost safe to assume that at least 95% of Internet users are breaking these copyright laws. As an example he points out that in the time of the first airplanes the law was more or less the same and airplanes where seen as tress passers when flying over someones property. I remember of seeing a same type of discussion on the engadget show about the resistance of radio in the beginning from the music industry.

The system of copyrights has over time only become more uptight. A direct cause of all these protection laws has been that the Company(not the artist) of content could ask ridiculous prices for there products. A nice example (dutch only, sorry) is given by the Dutch comedian Lebbis on how this system is still abused at the moment to get every last penny out of your pockets by making re-releases and special editions. The pricing is a key factor but in my believes not the main factor.

The main factor for the high rates of piracy but it is more related to the reluctance to change that the industry had to online distribution. There are starting to be changes in the Entertainment industry but these changes where made at least 5 years too late. For a long time, and in some cases still, it’s easier and more convenient to use pirated material instead of the official required methods. In this I am not even talking about the ridiculous laws that are there concerning regional protection.

The first video is already from the spring of 2007 but the discussion is still up-to-date. Below is an more recent video presentation about the same topic. In advice; you should first watch the top one and if your still interested watch the one below.

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