Introduction graduation assignment: Portal Visions

There is a shift going on in how advertising reaches consumers and how it is interpreted. Consumers are becoming more selective and in control of what messages receive them. The changing possibilities and availability of internet have been the key factors in this change. To underbuilt these statements think about how smartphones and mobile internet in combination with social media like Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook have change your consumer behavior.

Since I’m not the first to see this and definitely not the last to write about this topic by now there have been lots of great ideas who have been successful to penetrate the market. The thing these ideas all have in common is that they provide the user with content that interest the consumer and makes them willing to share this.

By now the way consumers looks at their smartphones as a device with all kind of different applications, with one of them being to call, true which they can access what they want. As the smartphone market is starting to become mature it is quickly becoming a fixed requirement for a brands promotion activity.  The main problem at the moment is only that there is not a clear understanding what is expected from them in this market. This issue is not only true for the smartphone market but for new media platforms in general.

New devices

Devices that work in the same way as these new breeds of smartphones are the recently available tablets and still to be properly released platforms for smart televisions. The first tablet, the Ipad, has been released and others, like Microsoft, Samsung and RIM, are there to join quickly in this new market.

Also there is a new way being developed for using the television more in the way we use smartphones. Google is working to port their android platform on there as well as apple is having their iTV out for a while. Sony for instance announced this week to be launching late October 2010 their first able Google TV product line of TV’s and Blu-ray players. The functions, as also seen by the tablets released now, will still be limited but it can be assumed that these platforms develop in the same way that the smartphone has.

The thing all these products have in common is that they all are trying to create more or less the same wide experience already to be seen on the current generation of smartphones. The other key factor that is making this market more interesting is that per producer these devices are built on the same User Interface (UI). E.g. Apple is using their privately developed iOS and Sony is using the universal and open code of Google’s android.

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  1. Awesome concept about Introduction graduation assignment. It can be assumed that these platforms develop in the same way that the smartphone has. Thanks!

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