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I listen quite some radio, at least when I’m in the Netherlands. In China it is understandable you don’t listen to the radio that much but due to this you will miss all the new and interesting music. So just like last year it lifts me up when I get in my car and turn on the radio and that you will hear good, old and new ,music. This somehow creates an extra bond with the tracks that are ‘hot’ at that moment. Last year it was ‘day and night‘ by Kid cudi. This year I have it with this track from ,a Dutch artist, Caro Emerald. Hope you like it.

In Holland radio is quite a huge medium with some shows who have over 1 million listeners easy, which in a country of 16 million is quite impressive. What I understand is that the radio has lost his importance in most other countries and is more something locally and therefore creates less impact than it can do in the Netherlands. In Holland for instance most channels are available nation wide and that there is quite a wide spread of listeners from construction workers, students and of course the people stuck in rush hour traffic. That why DJ’s like Edwin Evert, Giels Belen and ‘Koen en Sander’ are well known and even make appearances on the other magnificent part of media technology Television.

If I’m wrong feel free to correct me but this is how I experienced how different radio is in Holland compared to most countries in the world.

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  1. Edwin Evert, Giels Belen and ‘koen en sander’ for the morning and end day traffic jam shows.
    check youre spelling here.

    But youre wright, listening to the radio is a thing most of the people do in holland,when they go to work,at work or just at home.

    Still waiting for the post about the dutch party scene,parties you attend,and off course the only dutch party music that really matter: hardcore!!

    keep posting!!!

    party on!!


  2. Radio in developed cities of China lost its way because most of the teenagers have their own MP3 and Music-cellphone, and most importantly, they can download songs from the Internet FOR FREE.

  3. I think this blog is getting a reputation of bad English and no good reread of articles and this might harm the credibility of this site as a trusted source of information. As I said before Ollie: WE NEED AN EDITOR!!!!

    As Ross mentioned in Cities like Guangzhou the number of young people who listen radio on a regular basis is very limited. While for instance in Holland almost all young people still listen on a regular basis

    I was waiting to write about Awakenings until the official video’s was online. But 3 weeks later I think they won’t be coming. As for the future I think There will be more post related to music and the clubbing scene in Holland. I think that’s an interested part of Holland which we need to show as being a blog about the Netherlands now. 😛

    As for the hardcore scene I already did a report on this back when the site was still in Dutch. please do your homework werenot forgetting your beloved subculture, just search and you will find.

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