Update 4: English approved

As most of you would have noticed by now was that since my return to the Netherlands the posts where no longer in Dutch but the languages changed to English. The reason why can be found here if you missed it and you really need an explanation for whats going on. Beside the content of the posts all other things where still left in Dutch because it’s quite some work to change but with this official 4Th update all(red. most) is now in English and if you come across some dutch just let me know. More about the update inside.

The main other new thing is that the Blog title finally is changed to be more relevant title, as can be seen above. It looks kind of strange cause I really grew accustom to the “Guangzhou official (internship) blog je updates uit het verre oosten.” title even though it was not very relevant the last half year it still had the sound from Guangzhou.

As we are now back in the Netherlands we needed something new, something fresh, something at least a little bit relevant. It took me and my creative team quite some work but I’m quite content with the result.

Just let me Know what you think of the new title or have any other suggestions

– Since turned to English there are now visitors from all over the world like Croatia, Saudi Arabia and Russia
– Number 1 Is still Holland by far
– China is still quite safe on the second place
– Belgium who is now 3rd is getting fierce competition from the US, Spain and Germany
– The most popular browser is Firefox with 55% (IE 34%)
– This is mostly thanks to my sister who uses FF and has my website as her homepage
– Bjorn is for some reason no longer a small monster but has a fancy picture :S
– Added a few links and a cloud tag
– We have almost 1000 unique visitors
– So we need to start thinking for a new prize

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  1. Does this language switch mean that from now on the comments must be written in English ;)? I really think your marketing team did a tremendous job on your new blog title! As for now, I noticed that the categories are still labeled in Dutch (so are the picture pages).

    And what about my fancy icon! Ha! Never heard of the ‘centralized-avatar-system’ called Gravatar? It can be found right [url=http://www.gravatar.com]here[/url]. Just create an account and register the same email address as you are using here.

  2. *mrgreen*
    doe het met liefde hoor deze pagina als homepage, speciaal voor jouw statistieken

    en hoe zit het nu met de smiley’s broerlief
    moeten die nu tussen * * of tussen [ ]
    sommige weblogs hebben ook een smiley venstertje bij de comments

    de titel: ik zou nog het update 4 eventjes weghalen en ik dacht eventjes dat je life ipv live bedoelde… maar das een leesfoutje

    kus je zus

  3. @ BB responding is allowed in what ever language you like incl. english dutch chinese even portuguese if you fancy that 😉

    @zus Ik heb gekeken maar ik kan niet zoiets vinden zodat je smilies aan kan klikken.
    de meeste werken gewoon hetzelfde als in MSN.

    En ollie dat jij nog steeds van de FF, ik dacht die zal wel safarie gebruiken by now :S

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