Unhappily ever after

Unhappy couples

Last night I reinstalled my computer to run with Windows 7 instead of Vista. Before you can do this you first needed to copy all the junk you have from your computer to an external source. While I was doing this I came across some interesting things I totally forgot I still had, one of these things was this photo shoot of couples bored of being together. more inside..

The vision the photographer had was to take pictures of couples that where togheter but they had nothing left to share with each other. It’s impressive how you can feel the emptiness that the couples feel in the photographs.

I remember seeing this on TV, like 5~6 years ago, when they where talking about some exhibition, and I immediately looked up all the pictures I could find.

Now I have no Idea who the photographer is and feel free to fill me in.

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  1. wow!you also reinstalled in windows 7!that’s surprise me and nice to hear that.
    I hope I can recognize those photographer but not one.I only can recognize ours…


  2. I already have windows 7 on my laptop for some time now, now my PC at home has it as well. Should not be that surprising that I do this due to my background in IT.

    Also I don’t hope you recognize these types of situations from the time we where together XD. Cause in my memory is a better picture of that, but maybe that was only me 😉

  3. After all these years i found the maker of the photos ; Martin Parr. On display in the museum in Bogotá.

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