Everdingen-city in Snow

Everdingen winter 2010
The first night that I was back in Holland it started snowing. So when I woke up the next morning there was this amazing scenery of my hometown covered in snow. More pictures + a brief introduction of my hometown inside.

Most facts about my hometown Everdingen could be found on the wiki page. Something I also did not notice before but everdingen is about 700 years old, there are almost 1.300 inhabitants(which is too high should be around 800, but the wiki never lies!!!). Even Though it is such a small town its not by anyways remote in Holland: Amsterdam 40 min, Utrecht 20 and Breda 45 minutes. Also along Dutch people, especially people who travel by car, it’s notorious due to the years of traffic problems at on the nearby highway junction A2 and A27 which is called ‘junction Everdingen’.

At this moment all the snow is gone and everything is wet and dirty so the pictures of Breda will have to wait until it looks a bit nicer again. Next week is carnaval in the south of Holland and I will make an update on this typical for the south of Holland and off course ‘brabant’.

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  1. hey laag,

    mooie foto’s hoor, maar wat wil je met zo,n wereldstad!!!

    everdingen for life!!!

  2. I miss the everythings in holland, so amazing ! good to hear you were back, will you go to guangzhou later ?

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