Today on dumpert was a movie about the internet phenomenon Chatroulette. I found it quite amusing to see his view on the computer program. During the carnival my friend Max also introduced me the program. It’s interesting to see what happens but it is not something I have interest in to do again, at least not alone. Most funny thing was than also that we where with five people and that in the end we convinced Max to wear his carnivals’ Ice bear suit.

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  1. Ik had het zelfde filmpje gezien. Heel apart. Wel leuk om eens te proberen, ook maar eens doen!

  2. It’s just a very particular program, but it basically comes down that everybody is just looking for chicks.

    some interesting facts from our chatroulette session:
    – The first time you see a wanker you go crazy with WTF
    – after 7 or 8 it just is not that shocking anymore
    – there where some fat English girls who where into flashing there tits
    – the biggest WTF was a side view of black guy taking a dump on a toilette

    all in all an interesting experience only something I won’t do it alone quickly, like for intance the guy in the movie and 80% of the people on chatroulette

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