Carnival Breda 2010

Not only is there Carnival in Brazil, also there has been carnival in the south of Holland. The major difference between the too is that there are no hot Latina’s and that the temperature during the day does not surpass the 2 degrees.

As started on Friday the 12Th of February the whole southern part of Holland stops functioning for 5 days to celebrate carnival in the traditional Dutch way. That is: lots of beer and drunk man singing(Dutch: dronkenmans gelal) off course. The carnival is only for the south of Holland and people, like myself, who are born above the main rivers will never fully understand it. This year for instance I went for 3 days which is a new personal record (most from above the rivers only survive 1/2day tops). It always is great fun to dress up with all your friends in ridiculous outfits and then go to the bar where they play typical Dutch music specially created for the carnival event. This music gets kind of old after a few days and because people have been drinking non stop it becomes more like ‘surviving’ the carnival in the last few day.

This year I finally got some more costumes, before I always had a borrowed pope suit , but because some other event this May I got a pirate costume, also my mother still had an orange lion costume laying around from the past summer. So this year I did not had to wear the same costume more days in a row which was way better for the smell in general ;).

Below are the pictures I took during the night in Breda, the pictures of the carnival parade I got from here:

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  1. het zijn wel de meest schitterende foto’s broer
    hoe verder de avond vordert hoe fotogenieker de mensen *lol*

    kus je zus

    ps hoe is het met cavia2 *wink*

  2. People go crary for a few days once a year. Must be a good way to lose some pressure. Isn’t it a great pleasure? 不亦乐乎?

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