Being back in the Netherlands

As most of you know I’d return to the Netherlands Last week. As I promised I will/try, to continue my blog only this time there will be 2 mayor differences. Firstly ,as you can see is that the language changed from Dutch to English and secondly that the topic is changing from being about living abroad in Guangzhou to just Living in Holland. The first one will have some info about my flight back and my encounter at the dutch customs. So click more to read the first post in English.

First steps

It always feels special coming back to your own country after such a long time. It’s maybe silly but the first time I hear dutch true the speakers at the airport always gives me a good feeling. Just the basic information like that Schiphol( The airport in Amsterdam) is an non smoking airport, but than in dutch,makes me smile at that moment.

The smiling was this time only for a short time cause I was selected by the costumes to have a full luggage search. In which they found the DVD’s I’d bought in the last 7 months. Since it where more than 5 they were not only confiscated but I also would get a fine. I had brought my folder which was full of DVD’s(128 piece) which they all needed to check. This resulted in spending 2,5 hours in the customs office and got a fine of about 1000 Euro (10.000RMB), which still have to be reviewed by court.

Something I totally did not expect,cuz come on who never copies a movie or something. But in the end I would have better taken like half a kilo coke and be in less problems than I was now. As for this just take it as a reminder that next time you doubt about what you can bring just check in advance what the fine will be if they catch you.

Anyhow to look on the positive side I got 4 DVD’s back since these where not in the computer system. So this means that these DVD’s are about 250 euro a piece. Which will make the, as being 4 of the most expensive DVD’s in the Country.

– These Miscellaneous will be mostly the same as the one I did in dutch before I left
– So if you read the last post you can stop reading
– Or compare if you like
– The flight was around 15 hours
– The real time spent door to door was more like 20hours
– For the first time I was not next to the crying baby department on a long distance flight
– but still not able to get much sleep
– Even after taking 2 sleeping pills
– The weather is more than 20 degrees colder here
– But it’s not that cold now!!
– But there is snow
– Which I did not see for over 3/4 years
– Here inside everywhere it’s nice and hot
– I got 2,5 days in my hometown having to move
– In which I had to pack unpack and move to Breda
– Where I am now

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  1. Hey Willie!
    Tof dat je terug bent! Wanneer gaan we weer stappen? 😉
    Er staan trouwens wel veel spelfouten in je post…
    gr Olivier
    p.s. Ik heb nog een welkom terug cadeautje voor je…

  2. Das raar had een plugin gedownload om die spelling eens aan te pakken, ik zag er nog 2 waar ik overheen las (comparisment en costums). Deze zijn nu weg maar verder zie ik en de spelling controle ze niet. Maar ik denk dat ik maar een vacature online ga zetten voor een editor.

    Maar kom jij nog met carneval deze kant op of blijf je boven de rivieren? En een cadeautjes, heb zeker iets laten liggen de laatste keer of ga je mij ook de mac bijbel geven als je met max heb gedaan. naja alles is welkom

  3. Nee niks wat je hebt laten liggen, en ook geen mac bijbel.. Daar zorgt max wel voor 😉 Het is een echt cadeautje, speciaal voor jou gekocht!
    Met carnaval ben ik op wintersport (volgende week iig) dus wellicht dat ik nog een zondagje mee pak, maar ik moet nog ff kijken hoe de planning loopt..

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